Biz-E-Kid$ Entrepreneur Program

Biz-E-Kids Entrepreneurship Program

A Hands-on Entrepreneurial Experience for Grades 5-8

Your child will learn the fundamentals of running their own business: financial management, business plan development, market research, advertising, sales, and team building. These activities foster self-esteem and confidence, as well as leadership, communication and organization skills.

Don’t you wish they taught those things in school?

Sarah at Biz-E-Kids Business Expo, Feb, 2014

“Sarah Loved Biz-E-Kids!”

“Biz-E-Kids was a great program! Sarah loved doing her homework and was very excited to learn what it’s like to run your own business. Sarah woke up excited and happy and talked non-stop about the program.”
~ Deborah D.

Does that sound like what your child needs?

In this workshop, your child will develop business plans and pitch them to a panel of judges, and compete for prizes.

This is not an academic workshop – yes, there is math, reading and writing, but when practically applied, it doesn’t feel like school.

What Parents Had to Say About the Biz-E-Kids Experience

“Biz-E-Kids exceeded my expectations. My daughter gained hands-on learning, assistance with her homework, and had fun with new friends. This was a very positive experience for my daughter. I will definitely have her participate in future programs by D.E.S.T.I.N.E.D. to Succeed.”
~ Lorrice G.

“Mrs. Jones has an incredible passion for empowering our children. Her enthusiasm and tireless dedication to this program is remarkable.”
~ Alison H.

“Thank you very much for making this come true. Topics like financial management helped my kid realize how to earn a living.”
~ Schehrazade K.

“The Biz-E-Kids program was inspirational and motivational, allowing Alex to be exposed to good leadership.”
~ Linda M.

“It has been a pleasure having my child in Biz-E-Kids! The Workshop was fun and educational as well. It taught my child that no matter what, she is Destined 2 Succeed! It’s been a pleasure!”
~ Tynesha S.

“From what I saw at this February 22, 2014 exposition, these kids have an excellent future as entrepreneurs and being successful at it. This short class taught these kids of school age a lot. They prepared do-able marketing plans and produced brochures, business cards and excellent samples to test and taste.”
~ Nila M.

Biz-E-Kids Expo Competition Winners

The Value of a Hands-On Education

Your child can experience owning their own business, working as part of a team, and learning real life skills.  Their knowledge will positively impact their school work and personal relationships. Why wait till they get to high school, college or beyond?

Sign Up Now!

A class is now forming for Spring Break…

Your 5th – 8th grader will spend a complete week of intensive collaboration from Monday, April 18 – Friday, April 22, culminating in a Business Expo on April 23.

We meet 9am to 4 pm.  It’s only $249  for the week, lunch included.  
Limited scholarships available. Extended stay till 6pm – $10/day.

HURRY! – The registration deadline is Friday, April 8.  Only 30 spots available!

Volunteers to help mentor our young entrepreneurs are also needed.

Thank You For Your Interest!

Let us know you’re interested in Biz-E-Kids with this form.

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D.E.S.T.I.N.E.D. to Succeed Business Expo, Feb 2014

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