Pillar 1 - Career Exploration



Biz-E-Kid$ (Grades 6-8):  Biz-E-Kid$ is a 12-week entrepreneurial education program. Young people learn business plan development from planning to execution. The goal of the program is to identify young people who have the desire to create businesses, assist them with business plan development, and offers a positive support system. 


Career Readiness (Female Adults)

The focus of this program is committed to connecting adult participants with limited or no education beyond high school to career pathways that allow for economic mobility and a family-sustaining wage. Sessions will be geared to personal development, life skills, and leadership qualities to encourage planning for financial and educational goals. 


Technology Education Center (TECH-ED)

The Technology Education Center (TECH-ED) is a vocational training program. This program is an innovative way to get on the fastest path to well-paying information technology and high-growth jobs in in-demand sectors like healthcare, advanced manufacturing, and financial services. Program participants will complete hands-on portions of job training at a well-known New Haven-based  IT business.